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Hey guys. I am writing this attempting to last as long as I can on some drowsy allergy meds, so if I spell something wrong or sound (write?) weird, please know I'm loosing consciousness. I made a video with my friends. He's pretty funny. Enjoy. See y'all Wednesday.   -Alexandra Eckelbarger



Never before has there been this sort of Mom Energy in one human being. She loves you? She takes care of you. I can't exactly remember when I met her, and I wish I could say I remember every good moment we've had since we became friends, but there are just too many of them. … Continue reading J.L.A

no post.

Hey guys, sorry about no post or video yesterday. Spent the weekend at a stage combat workshop and barely had time to sneeze. Have a giggle filled video for this weekend. Love you guys, Alexandra Eckelbarger.

what is this?

Hi. Just a few things that have happened in the past three days: I burst into tears in the middle of my class. almost passed out at lunch. a cute boy validated my singing. lost the brain. packed for a weekend trip. cooked my burrito in toilet paper because I ran out of paper towels. … Continue reading what is this?

to capture

model is Karenna Mudd (@karennamudd) This past weekend, I got the opportunity to take some photos of a friend of mine. I have taken some of her before, but this time, it was planned out, and we drove nearly two hours to find the right spot. I have to say, it was thrilling. It's been … Continue reading to capture