recommended reads from sisyphus

I feel the unquenchable need to apologize.For years now I have had this blog, and for years I have put very little effort into attempting to keep a schedule or even write anything on here. So, yes, I am sorry. Am I planning on changing that anytime soon? Honestly, probably not. And I’m sure it … Continue reading recommended reads from sisyphus


I’m a boomerang

And just like that, she's back again.* *considering the amount of times I have said this, please do feel free to just skip this little post because, God help me, I don't know what I'm saying words are coming out of my fingers and I dropped my pineapple and what's rain?  Please let me know what sort of content you would … Continue reading I’m a boomerang


I see you.  You're sitting across from me at a table too small for any normal human to be at, and you're staring at your laptop hoping he will text back. You're talking and smiling and second guessing everything you do. It's normal, I know, and I feel the same way. That's what makes me … Continue reading D.F.C

a poo haiku

So. I'm horrible at this. It's official. At any rate, I figured I'd share a couple things going on and some upcoming ~endeavors~ and, as promised, a very bad haiku. This past week, I had my first set of classes back at college (yay, I'm a sophomore, someone hit me with a bus and pay … Continue reading a poo haiku

in the works

Stress is an old friend. He comes over sometimes, sits down in the stained, plush, leather seats of my mind, and opens a brandy. He's never exactly wanted, but when he is here, he helps me get a lot of things done. Summer has begun, and Stress decided to open a bottle of Pisco. I … Continue reading in the works

freshman year

This past week, I turned in my last assignment, finished up my last final, and moved out of my dorm. Summer is here!!!! I'm sorry for no post on Wednesday and this late (supposed to be Sunday) post---please forgive me for taking time to lose my mind last week. I'm back now. Enjoy the video, … Continue reading freshman year