a poo haiku

So. I’m horrible at this. It’s official.

At any rate, I figured I’d share a couple things going on and some upcoming ~endeavors~ and, as promised, a very bad haiku.

This past week, I had my first set of classes back at college (yay, I’m a sophomore, someone hit me with a bus and pay my tuition please). But before that I moved into my apartment with my wonderful roommate very close to a whole slew of my friends. They are wonderful, and when I want to isolate myself, they let me do that but also make me laugh and let me play cards against humanity and give me food cause they know I’m a broke beech.

On the subject of being broke, I have been forced to acquired yet another job. I’m still doing my favorite job of sitting in the back of a library and logging paperwork while listening to audiobooks (that isn’t sarcasm, it truly is the best gig on campus), but I now also sloppily serve tables of people with chicken and waffles, and try to not anger any of the cooks with my poor serving skills. I used to dream about how cool waitresses were–they were all the hot, popular girls in movies–and now I am realize I am a tired, swollen man-child burning myself for the sake of not making a mess. Here’s hoping that popularity and hotness kicks in one of these days. And with that, I have also been blessed with some wonderful friends that’ve asked me to take headshots of them!! and they’re paying me!!!

It has been so long since I last was on here that some very long awaited things have happened: 1) I got my license, 2) purchased my first car (obviously with some very nice help because again I am a broke beech and contracts scare me), 3) been consistently writing my book, and 4) I’M OUT OF MY SLUMP!!!! I’m not tired of reading anymore!! I’m reading a lot!! all at once!!! haha someone help me!!!! my!! brain!! is!!! mush!!!!!

The anxiety ball is rollin’ since I’m having to wait for people to tell me if I can direct a show and/or be in one (all very exciting things but someone better tell me soon otherwise I’m gonna explode). But my roommate has been keeping me sane with Taylor Swift dance parties, letting me rant about boys, and last night she played The Croods followed directly by Sex and The City: The Movie, both of which I had never seen before. My God, what an emotional rollercoaster that was.

And now, as promised, a “Poo Haiku”:

Food is expensive,

and my toilet is taking 

forever to flush. 


-Alexandra Eckelbarger


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