in the works

Stress is an old friend. He comes over sometimes, sits down in the stained, plush, leather seats of my mind, and opens a brandy. He’s never exactly wanted, but when he is here, he helps me get a lot of things done.

Summer has begun, and Stress decided to open a bottle of Pisco.

I think a lot of kids find summer to be the most relaxing time of the year, and in a way, it is. Unfortunately, I have the nasty tendency to build everything I need to do up until it’s as tall as the Chrysler building.

Anyway, I know that this website isn’t the best, nor is it the most aesthetically pleasing. With becoming more consistent and watching as more people read my work (hi, thank you guys, I really appreciate it), I feel the need to revamp this site. Last week, I took a bit of time off, researching (and of course, stressing), and I am planning on taking the rest of this week (and possibly a part of next) to make this blog the best I can make it.

I will be adding another page highlighting my photography work as well, and please don’t hesitate to comment if there is a particular page or post you would like me to focus on adding to this site.

Thank you guys so much for understanding. I’ll talk to you soon!


-Alexandra Eckelbarger


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