what is this?


Just a few things that have happened in the past three days:

  1. I burst into tears in the middle of my class.
  2. almost passed out at lunch.
  3. a cute boy validated my singing.
  4. lost the brain.
  5. packed for a weekend trip.
  6. cooked my burrito in toilet paper because I ran out of paper towels.
  7. found the brain.
  8. filmed a video for this weekend that needs a good deal of editing.
  9. listened to everyone freak out over a hail storm that is coming tonight. (I was planning on running over to the open studio to dance for an hour or so, and as I’m writing this it has started hailing…I kinda want to know what it feels like to take a ten minute walk in the freezing hail.) 
  10. lost the brain again.

In the midst of these (and a slew of many more extravaganzas), I was going to write another music vol. for today. Then I realized that I have listened to the same music for the last decade and a half.

Tomorrow, I leave for a stage combat workshop because nothing says “thank you Jesus for rising from the dead” like swordplay and aerial silks. I still have a project to finish for my comp. class due tomorrow that’s worth 1/4 of my grade, so I will leave you with this:

“The beach is just fish bathwater.” -my elegant brethren.


-Alexandra Eckelbarger


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