what to do when you’re depressed.

  1. Read.
  2. Write.
  3. Call a friend.
  4. Hug a friend.
  5. Take a bath.
  6. Take a shower.
  7. Look at old photos.
  8. Remember you haven’t peaked yet. There is more (and better) still to come.
  9. Go for a run.
  10. Go to the gym.
  11. Make a cup of tea.
  12. Do laundry.
  13. Listen to music.
  14. Find a puppy. Hug puppy.
  15. Find baby. Squeeze baby.
  16. Finish that report that was due last week.
  17. Shave.
  18. Try some yoga.
  19. Do a plank.
  20. Watch a YouTube video. Vine compilations always work.
  21. Curl your hair.
  22. Lay on some grass. Look at the clouds. Look at the stars.
  23. Sing.
  24. Dance.
  25. Embroider your sneakers.
  26. Go outside and take some pictures. Or stay inside and take some pictures.
  27. Put liquid glue on your hand. Peel it.
  28. Grab some paint. Paint your legs and/or arms.
  29. Remind yourself that it is okay, you are not broken nor damaged.
  30. “You are enough.” Say it out loud.
  31. Text someone you know you can talk to.
  32. Pray.
  33. Listen to that band you’ve been meaning to listen to.
  34. Have your own personal dance party.
  35. Study for an exam.
  36. Listen to ASMR (it’s not for everyone, but don’t knock it til you try it).
  37. Choreograph something.
  38. Make a vision board.
  39. Do ten push ups.
  40. Plan your outfit for tomorrow.
  41. Write a song.
  42. Write a poem.
  43. Get off social media. Turn off your phone. You don’t need it.
  44. Draw.
  45. Watch your favorite movie. Or, watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see.
  46. Paint your nails.
  47. Put on a face mask.
  48. Grab a pen and write down every single thing that runs through your mind.
  49. Get out. Even if it’s for 30 seconds.
  50. Breathe. Please.


You’re not alone. There are people around you that love you and want the best for you, and if you can’t see them, you’re not looking hard enough. Find someone to talk to, even if it’s me. I’m here. You’re not an inconvenience and you are not annoying. This feeling is temporary. Whatever you’re going through, whatever you feel, it will be better. I promise. And if it doesn’t, I grant you permission to personally come kick me in the shins.

I love you all.

Stay safe.

God’s got you, and so do I.


national suicide prevention hotline: USA 1-800-273-8255

asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. it’s a sign of strength.


One thought on “what to do when you’re depressed.

  1. Melisa says:

    Made me smile, love it! ❤

    Perhaps no. 51 would be: Keep writing a list of things you can do when you're depressed. 🙂

    "asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. it’s a sign of strength." — Very true!

    Liked by 1 person

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