music, vol I

Music is my medicine. 

I know that phrase has been said a million times, and will probably be repeated until we are all well into the grave, having lost our hearing from too-loud concerts decades beforehand.

In all of the things I’ve gone through in my relatively short life, both good and bad, music has always been there, inspiring the hell out of me. There will always be music that I don’t share—songs that have a memory attached to them that feels sacred to me. But, there is plenty of music that I love and cherish and want to scream at people that they need to listen to.

So here are some of my current favorite songs for all of your musical needs.

Grip it and Rip it

(Grab life by the balls.)

Dare You To Move by Switchfoot


Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez


Treadmill Face-Plant

(I have to work out otherwise my limbs might finally start to fall off as was prophesied.)

Try ‘n Hold Me Back by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard


‘Till I Collapse by Eminem, Nate Dog

Lonely Dorm Room Dance Party

(It’s a Saturday night and I have no friends, so I put on my headphones are pretend no one can hear me jumping and whisper singing to myself.)

Geronimo by Sheppard


Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid


(I’m sad but like still want to be productive so let’s just turn mental illness in to creativity.)

Youth by Daughter


Haunted House by Florence + The Machine

My Body Wants to Sleep But I Must Question Everything I Know and Stare At My Ceiling

(I am a philosopher. Dr. Suess was a philosopher. I am Dr. Seuss.)

Trials by London Grammar


Alcatraz by Oliver Riot

Writing, A.K.A. Dying

(The kid in Barnes and Noble is somehow allowed to drink a venti-half-caff-non-choco-hoco-dairy-free-shaken-not-stirred machiato, and I’m tired of his bull.)

Dawn – From “Pride & Prejudice Soundtrack by Jean-Yves Thibaudet


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword by Daniel Pemberton

All Hail, Valentine’s Day

(I wanna be in love.)

Nothing Left to Lose Kari Kimmel


Missing You by Joey

The McDonalds Drive Through is My Cat Walk

(Strut it. Like a Peacock.)

Attention by Charlie Puth


No Roots by Alice Merton

Itsy-Bitsy Yellow Bikini

(I’d rather be at the beach.)

Lovesick by Fickle Friends


I Could Do Better by Cinders


(This is the first glass of water I’ve had in three weeks, I’m so healthy.)

Catch a Moment by Tyrone Wells


Eyes of Love by Paul Izak

I Love Jesus

(God is good.)

Throne Room by Kim Walker-Smith


Set Me Ablaze by Jesus Culture


“Where words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Andersen


-Alexandra Eckelbarger


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