The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout

display-808ba346b85f8563128729494156a638For the past four years, Evie Dasher has been surrounded by the constant feud between Luxen and human. Ever since the Luxen invaded, the world has been watching the their every move and censoring their abilities. Though her mom works for the government, Evie isn’t surrounded by Luxen or their power very often.

Until she meets Luc.

But he seems to be something else entirely.

Set in the same world as the riveting five book Lux series, The Darkest Star follows up on old questions, characters, and relationships, ensuring anyone who read the Lux series will be thoroughly entertained, and anyone new to the story is in for the read of their life.

– – –

I have been a fan of the Lux series since I read it back in 2015, so much so that I made my dad read it, and we both have talked about it ever since. Jennifer L. Armentrout has been one of my favorite authors since I started reading Young Adult. When I heard she was adding to one of the most memorable series I read as a teen, naturally I was overjoyed.

And she did not disappoint.

Although there have been definite similarities across her urban fantasy stories, Evie was a wonderful protagonist to listen to. She was impulsive (yes, as most YA female protagonists tend to be), and her whole life changed when a man came into it (again, another troupe), but she was kind-hearted, and not so annoying I wanted to stop reading (or burn her at the stake). A lot happens, a lot that any person would have a hard time handling, but Jennifer writes in a way that moves the plot along while still giving the characters and the audience time to process what has happened.

The story itself helps to answer a lot of questions that might have arisen at the end of the Lux series—how did Luc fare in all of this? how did the world handle everything after the invasion? how are our favorite characters back from the Lux series doing? In the end, I closed the book thinking, how am I gonna wait a year for the next one to come out? 

Personally, I think this was a wonderful addition to the Lux series, and an even better way to start something new.

“There’s nothing we can do other than live with the promise of tomorrow while knowing it may not come.” -Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Darkest Star

-Alexandra Eckelbarger


If you happened to have read this book (or don’t mind having the entire plot spoiled for you), I’ll leave the link below for my booktalk!


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